Utility NFT with passive income and Metaverse future – Digital Journal

Utility NFT with passive income and Metaverse future – Digital Journal

22 Dec, 2021 – NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a digital cryptographic token on the blockchain representing a specific item. Each token is unique and cannot be swapped. This is a new emerging trend in the crypto-world that is gathering momentum.

Utility NFTs are extremely popular among the younger generation because of passive income opportunities. There are rules, mechanisms, and interactions in utility NFT communities, unlike regular crypto-collectibles. Utility NFT projects give an opportunity to invest in an NFT venture, enter the community and hold the NFT token to gain certain bonuses offered by founders. An NFT becomes your pass to the club of associates and single-minded people. In other words, this is an exemplary opportunity for the holders to create an income by investing in technological startups.

1ATH.Studio – the creators of Reelbulls.Club game development brand has entered the utility NFT market in a partnership with established gaming studio MrSlotty and gaming content aggregation platform 1GameHub to produce its first game title IggyBoy.

IggyBoy is the first NFT game project that reinvents the traditional approach to iGaming and gives the opportunity for NFT enthusiasts to invest and receive regular passive income via blockchain. It’s a spectacular idea to merge the iGaming industry, blockchain and NFTs into one single platform and provide multiple utilities to NFT holders. Here, the community members not only receive highly-valuable 3D collectibles but also a fabulous chance to become shareholders of the game development brand.

ReelBulls is about to release the collection of around 10,000 3D IggyBoy NFTs and this is going to become one of the biggest projects in the world among existing utility NFT projects. Each and every piece is created and polished by expert 3D designers. ReelBulls is now conducting an enormous marketing campaign to build a solid community of investors. Furthermore, their whitelist is open and the whitelisted members will get heavily discounted NFTs and priority during presale plus additional NFT and cash bonuses.

What makes Reelbulls special and time-proof is that they connect technologies to blockchain enabling transparency and fair experience. 1ATH.Studio creates high-quality game assets as NFT’s to provide their community an excessive and exclusive passive-income opportunity to gain lifetime profits.

1ATH.Studio and ReelBulls are long-term players on the utility NFT arena and IggyBoy is just the initial step. Their ultimate goal is to build a vUniversum Metaverse where ReelBulls NFT holders will have the privilege to buy land at discounted rates and organize different metaverse ventures. 1ATH.Studio members say that this is going to become a Virtual Vegas for all those who are into gaming and NFTs.

Website: https://reelbulls.club

Discord: https://discord.gg/1athstudio

Twitter: https://twitter.com/1athstudio.

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