Omniverse: A Platform To Generate Passive Income In Many Fun Ways Under Binance Smart Chain – Digital Journal

Omniverse: A Platform To Generate Passive Income In Many Fun Ways Under Binance Smart Chain – Digital Journal

Friday, 12 November 2021 7:22 ET Sources:,


Omniverse is a decentralized all-in-one gaming, art and multimedia network under the Binance Smart Chain. The Omniverse has its set of community oriented goals that the team is striving to aim:

  • To provide Play to earn (P2E) Games at its maximum potential with very low gas fees or none at all.
  • To construct an NFT marketplace that consists of all; Art, Gaming and other multimedia NFTs, where artists and users can mint their own NFTs with very low gas fees, Nfts that are used in games will also be available in the marketplace.

The Omniforces, team behind the Omniverse, also thinks outside the blockchain/cryptocurrency world. In which they thought of these following goals:

  • To be a prominent platform that uses NFTs not limited to the blockchain community, but also its application in the real world.
  • Yearning to overrule the ideology that NFTs’ purpose is only for entertainment, nevertheless, their convenience is also applicable in our daily lives.


Aside from that, The Omniverse has its one focus, and that is to be the solution to the problem most cryptocurrency platforms and projects are facing. The crucial problem of other projects is that their native token is being used for a single purpose, where the whole economy and growth of the token is fully dependent on that certain purpose. Let us say that the use of the token is for a game, there are lots of games that are always coming in, and users, particularly players, always jump to another game which is more recent and exciting. What if the player gets bored of the game itself? Then the native token will lose its value.

That is where Omniverse comes in, there are very high chances that users will not get bored of the platform, as previously stated, Omniverse has it all from games, art gallery and multimedia (music and television).


OCA$H is Omniverse’ native token. Omnicash (OCA$H) has a very competitive and community focused token economics and allocation, which makes a huge great impression from the community and users. See them here:



We have a big community of almost 16000 members in our Telegram group, 15000 followers in Instagram and Twitter and 9000 followers in Facebook. To keep the enthusiastic energy growing in our communities and socials, we set up contests and competitions with rewards. The first competition we established was the sticker competition with the following rewards: our legendary gaming NFT; the Founder NFT as the grand prize and for the 2nd place we gave away 500 OCA$H, our native token, and 250 OCA$H for the 3rd place winner.

For extensive exposure, we also have been conducting AMAs and reviews with influencers and Marketing Partners. So that users will know about us, and the project more.


As of the moment, Omniverse is in stage 1 of our …….


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