Illness Led a 32-Year-Old Woman to Build a Portfolio Worth $136,000 – Business Insider

Illness Led a 32-Year-Old Woman to Build a Portfolio Worth $136,000 – Business Insider

  • 32-year-old Sara Beckmann has built up a portfolio of $136,000.
  • She focuses on “solid stocks” that have a promising business model and are already profitable.
  • She invests with the goal of achieving financial freedom.

Five years ago, Sara Beckmann received a diagnosis that changed the way she looked at her life. 

After complaining of abdominal pain for a long time, her doctor diagnosed her with endometriosis, a chronic “woman’s disease,” in her own words. 

She was sick for up to six months and couldn’t work. 

During this time, she was reliant on health insurance, and it didn’t sit well with her. 

The experience drove her to set a new goal for herself — to have enough money in her savings so that she no longer had to rely on work or other sources of income.

“I’m currently symptom-free, but endometriosis can come back at any time,” Beckmann told Insider. 

“That’s the reason I’m pursuing this financial freedom.”

‘Nice’ to be able to live off dividends

That goal doesn’t mean she dislikes working; quite the opposite, she said. But she thinks it’s “nice” to be able to earn a living through a passive income, like dividends. This way, she has no pressure to go to work and no worries about not being able to pay bills.

Beckmann also wants to use financial freedom to enable her to decide for herself how, where, and when she works. 

She’s already achieved this to some extent. Beckmann has been working independently as an expert electrical engineer for a few months. She travels out to the customer and inspects equipment on site. 

Beckmann wasn’t afraid of self-employment

“I’m not completely independent yet, because I’m currently still tied to a location,” said Beckmann. 

But she can already decide for herself when she works and with whom. For her, that’s definitely “much more pleasant” than before, where everything was predetermined for her. 

“You have to go there now or you have to do that now, and I just decide that myself now.” 

Previously, the electrical engineer had a secure job at TÜV, but she didn’t like it there.

Beckmann started her self-employment “relatively gently,” she said. 

She wasn’t afraid of becoming self-employed because she had a “good financial buffer.”

Over $90,000 in stocks and $45,000 in crypto

That’s because Beckmann has already been investing her money in the stock market for more than ten years and has now built up a portfolio of $136,000. Her passion for the world of finance began when she was in her early twenties, in the middle of her apprenticeship at ThyssenKrupp, and was given the opportunity to buy employee shares. She bought a package of shares worth $560 and got $280 back from the company. Since then, she’s been hooked.

She started buying shares in uptrends and then selling them two or three months later to take the profits and buy something “nonsensical,” she said.

“And that’s really just how it went on and on for the first couple of years,” …….


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